Tansa Turnstile has become the leading brand in the sector assuring it’s quality in every sense, by making no concessions in its production line that includes high quality and innovative solutions.

Tansa, which is preferred in many countries and aims to develop more and more, is taking part in ISAF Security for the 20th time.

Tansa Turnstile is at the manufacturer position by holding the most turnstiles in “New İstanbul Airport”, which is one of the most prestigious projects of our country. At the same time with their turnstiles recognized by UEFA and approved by the Football Federation of Turkey, they led to the renewal of the 26 numbers of the stadium for the last 3 years. Thus it became the most preferred brand in Turkey’s position in its field. In addition, they protect our historical treasures in our 199 museums with more than 330 turnstiles.

Yalçın Sarı, General Manager of Tansa Turnstile, expressed his thoughts about ISAF Exhibition as follows:

“ISAF Exhibition is an important event that brings together all the sectors in the field of security. It is a trade exhibition, where different participants can come together every year and important companies can also meet and trade with each other.”

In addition to evaluating that the manufacturers and distributors put emphasis on the opportunities of establishing and expanding their dealer networks in ISAF Exhibition; he also expressed his opinions about the strategies and expectations they have drawn for the ISAF Exhibition 2020.

Sarı: “We put at the top of the list of our 2020 plan to develop a process that will increase customer loyalty and efficiency by adding a value to the brand identity through innovations. We hope to increase our export-oriented efforts with new products, and increase production capacity and number of personnel. By the means of all these studies we are targeting to improve our vision of high quality services.”

In addition to the existing product groups, Tansa Turnstile will exhibit their new products in ISAF 2020. We wish TANSA Turnstile to have an efficient exhibition in ISAF Exhibition which will be held on 8-11 October 2020 in Istanbul Exhibition Center.