Being among the world’s leading events in terms of the sector it covers, ISAF will cover 5 main exhibitions in 2023 as well.

  • ISAF Security International Security and Homeland Security Systems, Equipment and Services Exhibition
  • ISAF Fire&Rescue International Fire, Emergency, Search & Rescue Exhibition
  • ISAF Cyber Security International Cyber Security, Information and Network Security Exhibition
  • ISAF Smart Life International Smart Buildings and Smart Life Exhibition
  • ISAF Safety&Health International Occupational Safety and Occupational Health Exhibition

The main concept of ISAF 2023 will be as follows:

  • Smart Systems in Security and Homeland Security
  • Cyber Security, Personal Security, Device Security
  • Smart Life, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings
  • Use of technology in the fields of Fire and Occupational Health & Safety
  • The increasing importance and use of Software and IT in the sector

Steering the sector,
Being the core of the trade in the sector,
Growing and developing the sector,
Improving the quality in the sector,
Bringing together the entire shareholders of the sector,

it is assembling the sector for the 27th time on 14-17 September, 2023.


ISAF aims at a minimum 50% growth in 2023 in terms of the number of the participants, the area occupied and the number of visitors via

  • The growth of the exhibition site with the 2021 event and transferring it much larger halls for the 2023 event,
  • The international travels returning to normalcy and consequently participants from abroad partaking again,
  • The increase in the number and quality of the visitors from abroad thanks to the availability of the international travels,
  • The growth of the sector thanks the new companies joining the sector and the global brands that are more active in our country,
  • The scope of the sector widening with the more effective use of software and IT solutions in the sector,
  • Addressing a wide range of audience of Training Institutions, NGOs and Institutions with whom cooperation and collaborative works are conducted at ISAF,
  • Making the international marketing and publicity operations more effective, and the cooperation with international NGOs, publications and similar events,
  • Those who have recently joined or want to join the sector and the fresh graduates considering ISAF the first address to receive information,

and most important of all, the execution of the operations for ISAF Exhibition targeting a wider audience and on a larger scale.

ISAF will host in 2023 the exhibition of today’s latest technologies as well as the products, systems and technologies of the future.

The differentiation and developments in products and systems are happening at an exceptionally rapid pace thanks to the fast-developing technologies.

These fast changes and developments cause all the segments in the sector to continuously follow the products and technologies. All of these changes and developments which excite all the segments operating in technology-related fields and consequently bring about significant dynamism in the sector will be exhibited at ISAF…

Being the platform where the recent changes in the products and technologies are followed, ISAF will be held concurrently with 3rd IMEX Technology and Information Exhibition in much larger halls in 2023 with the participation of different companies.

In 2023, the products exhibited and the solutions offered in the ISAF and IMEX exhibitions will cover a much wider range. ISAF and IMEX will be a mesmerizing technology show with newer participants and newer visitors.

  • Being an event that is unquestionably the largest in the country and the region, and one of the best-known in the world,
  • Being definitely recognized and participated in by all the international brands and companies,
  • Being absolutely visited by all the users and everyone related to the sector,
  • Exhibiting the latest products and technologies followed by the all of the companies in the sector from the largest to the smallest,
  • Being looked forward to by the companies to exhibit their products of the latest technology and by the visitors to explore the latest technologies,
  • Being the only address where the latest-technology security products are launched,
  • Paving its path by growing and developing year over year,

ISAF prepares for 2023 via

Strengthening its “Perspective of the Future” slogan,
Enhancing its “Smart Solutions” main theme,
Broadening its “Smart Life, Smart Systems and Security” theme.

ISAF aims at a new growth in 2023 via reaching

  • 500-m2 area (from 25.000-m2 area)
  • More than 400 stand areas (from 193 stand areas)
  • Brands and products of 1.000 companies (from brands and products of 506 companies)
  • Participants from more than 50 countries (from 37 countries)
  • More than 25.000 visitors (from 18.726 visitors)
  • 3000 visitors from abroad (from 1065 visitors from abroad).