As time gets closer to the ISAF Exhibition, which will take place on 17-20 October 2019, the visitor organization activities are also keep going intensively.

Visitor invitation activities, which was started in January, intensifies as time gets closer to the Exhibition. Ongoing activities which were speeded up substantially after the 16th of July, continue with a bigger visitor organization team as of September.

Within the scope of these ongoing activities;

  • Each sector companies at home and abroad were contacted one by one and invited to the Exhibition. With these activities, the visitor datas are also updated.
  • Visitors from previous years were searched and updated. As the Exhibition approaches, visitors from previous years will be called again and again and be invited to the Exhibition.
  • Information of Public institutions, Police Department, Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie and Coast Guard was updated one by one. Correspondence with these institutions starts in September.
  • Information of important visitors was updated and negotiations was started. Correspondence and activities will be clarified in September.
  • Information of Associations, Foundations, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Organized Industrial Zones has been updated one by one,  and correspondence will take place as of September.
  • Correspondence with Consulates, Commercial Attache will intensify in September.
  • Communications with Construction-Contracting, Project and Construction sectors, Tourism Investors and Accommodation Facilities, Shopping Center investments and Shopping Centers, Business centers, sites and facilities management companies, has started in August, and will continue until the Exhibition.
  • Collaboration with AFAD, Firefighters, General Directorate of Forestry has started long time ago, and will continue uninterruptedly until the Exhibition.
  • Information of the largest 500 industrial companies, 500 IT companies, Corporate companies, foreign capital companies, factories and all major facilities are being updated.

These activities, which were started in January 2019, was designed to ensure the maximum efficiency of ISAF participants during the Exhibition, as a result of 10 months of study.

With the motivation of nearly 100% satisfaction received from the participants during and after the ISAF 2018 Exhibition, the plans for the visitors of the ISAF 2019 to be much higher in terms of quality and number, continue precisely.

ISAF 2019 participants will have a great year again this year.