Visitor Organization

As the ISAF Exhibition, which will be held on October 11-14, 2018, is getting closer, visitor organization works are also intensifying.

The update work that is ongoing for months on over 200,000 data consisting of the exhibition’s target visitors and previous visitors has been completed.

As of the early August, the organization team started to call all the companies in the sector. All domestic companies operating in the fields of Safety, Fire, Occupational Health and Safety, Information Security and Smart Buildings are called and invited to the exhibition.

In addition to this work, a separate team has started to work the list of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Organized Industrial Zones, and Public Institutions. As part of this work, all correspondences are made with all the chambers and OIZs, members are informed and invited to the exhibition.

Also, individual e-mails are sent to overseas targets which include thousands of data. Our efforts towards target visitors who consist of companies in the industry invited through individual correspondences indicate that the number of international visitors will increase.

While the works for domestic and foreign sector companies continued in August, all other target visitor lists were updated by other teams and the work to be done will be completed to a large extent.

In order for ISAF 2018 to be a much more successful exhibition than before, different efforts will be made thoroughly in September and October.