ISAF Exclusive, the conference + exhibition part of the ISAF Fair, the only event that brings together the whole sector in the country, will be organized for the 3rd time on March 13th-15th in Ankara.

Organized as “all-inclusive exhibition” in an unprecedented manner in Turkey, ISAF Exclusive has achieved almost 100% exhibitor satisfaction in 2017 and 2018.

The following lies behind the activities and ISAF Exclusive Fair and Conference that are organized by blending the experience, relationships, network and data that are created thanks to 24 ISAF exhibitions organized in the last 20 years:

  • 20 years in the industry;
  • 24 ISAF Fairs organized;
  • 145 exhibitions organized in other industries;
  • Hundreds of exhibitions and events attended and visited in different countries;
  • A&S Türkiye magazine with 50 issues and Safety&Health magazine with 20 issues;
  • Hundreds of meetings and thousands of negotiations with different sections and companies in the industry;
  • Information shared in thousands of e-mails from the industry and users;
  • Articles that have been read, archived and written for years;
  • Exchange of ideas and activities carried out with academicians and professional consultants;
  • Opinions taken from the decision makers in the institutions;
  • Data obtained from surveys conducted at different periods over the years.