Moonwell to exhibit at ISAF 2019!

The Moonwell brand is producing RFID card readers since 2006. Starting with MW-110, Moonwell’s R&D and production process has reached a level to compete with global brands, with the production of Control Panels in the access control system. Moonwell has left behind many big brands especially with the MW-301 Control Panel.

Since its foundation, the company is producing and developing RFID card readers and associated software products with the principle of domestic technology and domestic production. In the field of access control products, it produces such products or imports those are not supplied in Turkey and always keeps them in the stocks.

Moonwell will exhibit the following products at ISAF 2019:

  • As Moonwell Access Control System products; Card Readers, Control Panels – Domestic Production, Advanced Moonwell Corax Access Control Software – Domestic Production,
  • Moonwell Elevator Management Components; Panel and software – Domestic production,
  • Crossway Button and Electric Locks – Domestic and Chinese RFID Car Parking Access Control and Camera Plate Recognition Software and Hardware – Domestic production,
  • Crossway RF Receiver Control, Loop Detector and I/O card – Domestic production

At ISAF 2019, the company will display its access control products which have been recently produced in the R&D phase and are planned to be put on the market soon with the Moonwell Corax Software, which is the result of company’s experience in overseas and domestic market for 12 years.

Intended areas of use and sectors of Moonwell products and services include access security in commercial and private buildings, personnel management in small businesses, shopping malls, hotels and similar major sites, elevator authorization, parking access control and pricing, fittings and inventory management, and identification and counting processes in the stockbreeding.

For 12 years, the company serves through its dealers, not as an end user. You can see the products of Moonwell at huge buildings with hundreds of doors, parking areas and tens of elevators.