Enes EKINGEN, Deputy General Manager of Ekingen said, “ISAF Exhibition, which we will attend for the 21st time this year, has been able to bring people from all segments of our sector together every year and has provided added value for our sector. ISAF Exhibition has continued to grow and bring growth with us during the many years we attended the event.

Our country and our world are going through really difficult times. Like all sectors, our industry has been heavily affected by the pandemic as well. We believe that ISAF Exhibition will be a lifeline support for us during this period when the problems are nearing an end.

As Ekingen, we have been preparing for the ISAF Exhibition with great care and determination every year. This year, we’ll continue the innovations that we provided to our sector for the last two years in particular. With our renewed product group, we will attain the title of being the company and the stand that houses the highest number of product groups in the exhibition again this year.

At ISAF 2021, we will display our CCTV Systems, Thermal monitoring systems, Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm, EVAC Alert Systems, Emergency Alarm Systems, Professional Audio Systems, President-Delegate Systems, Simultaneous Translation Systems, Imaging Systems, Satellite Systems and Uninterrupted Power Supplies products.”