Ezgil Guvenlik Sales Manager Serhan Kurkcu said the following; We believe ISAF is one of the distinguished fairs that brings together key stakeholders among the service/product providers in our industry. Another great thing about the fair is the egalitarian and professional approach adopted by the organization team for the members of the industry. As Ezgil family, during our attendance over the past years, we had the chance to welcome the ideal visitor profile at our stand and make new friends, after making proper determinations. It seems that in the future ISAF will continue to create new values and new benefits both for businesses that make requests and for those who work on the supply side.

Starting from the foundation of Ezgil, its invariable goal is to be a solution partner that industrial enterprises accustomed to investing in technology and innovative development believe it will find the right solutions for their questions and problems and that they feel close to. In this regard, ISAF will continue to be a valuable meeting point for us.

In ISAF 2021, the special projects implemented by Ezgil in the recent past for “exclusive areas-locations” where no solution could be developed for fire protection, yielding successful results, will be presented to our stakeholders. We will have conversations over a cup of coffee with our visitors for brand new solutions that have been and will be created through imagination and innovative technology approach.

Currently, we will focus on introducing the next generation automatic fire extinguishing systems, which are new in Turkey and are not known much by the end-users to ISAF visitors and making them more popular. We will introduce the “Aerosol” and “Nano-Dust” extinguishing systems that do not lose their usability and reliability with extra processes such as filling and maintenance following ownership, and that preserve their functional continuity through technological development.