Ekingen Elektronik, which is one of the leading companies in the sector in the field of security systems, satellite systems and audio systems, is taking part in the ISAF Exhibition again. Ekingen Elektronik, which will introduce CCTV, Emergency Announcement Systems, Fire Detection, Professional Sound Recording, Professional Lighting, Burglar Alarm Systems and Domestic Security Software during the ISAF 2020, plans to attract visitors’ attention with its range of products.

In regard to what kind of Ekingen Elektronik that the visitors will meet during the ISAF 2020, we can state that: Ekingen Elektronik, which will add new products also in 2020 to the products that they brought into the sector in 2018 and 2019, aims also to show its ambitious target of being the company that has the most product groups of the ISAF Exhibition this year. In addition, a more active Ekingen in terms of export activities is expecting its visitors. Another ISAF 2020 target of Ekingen is to provide the contribution of the sales of R & D products of their domestic production facilities, which they made investments in 2018 and 2019, to the sector and the national economy this year.

Mr. Enes Ekingen, whom we asked about his thoughts and expectations regarding the ISAF Exhibition in their 20th participating year, stated that: ISAF Exhibition is one of the most important promotion and business development organizations for our sector. Every passing year we are more and more aware of the importance of participating in this organization which enables us to get into not only the sector but also to our country and foreign market. Our expectations from ISAF 2020 are; we think that the products and services we offer to the domestic and foreign markets should be focused on the export-oriented customers and buyers delegations taking into account the national economy. Just as the whole world is flocking to exhibitions in those countries in order to buy the products of Chinese and European market companies, it has to become like this in the exhibitions in our country. At this point, we have full confidence in ISAF, which is the important meeting point of the sector.

We wish Ekingen Elektronik a productive experience during the ISAF Exhibition which will be held on 08-11 October, 2020 in Istanbul Expo Center.