ISAF Exhibition, which was held 23 times, including 10 times in Ankara and 13 times in Istanbul since the year it has been first organized, is taking place with growth year by year compared to the previous year. Growing day by day as a result of the fact that the participants are the biggest companies of the sectors in which they are involved, the fact that its visitors consist of nearly 100% professionals, and the intensive interest and support by the relevant institutions and NGOs, the ISAF is now the sector’s own exhibition.

The ISAF team, which is prepared with the same care for the 2020 exhibition calendar, is in a detailed planning and study from the participant to the visitor, and the activities are being carried out to make also the 2020 Exhibition a growing and productive exhibition for the participants and visitors compared to the previous years.

As a result of the changes made by technological developments in the sector and the plans made within the framework of the changes that may occur by interpreting the future, ISAF will update its identity and structure by renewing itself in 2020 and will be held within the scope of exhibition definition that gives confidence to the participants and visitors.

The data obtained from the activities, which were started immediately after the 2019 Exhibition, already indicates that the exhibition in 2020 will be more dynamic. The interest of the participants, the feedback from the visitors has been important indicators showing how the exhibition will run, a year in advance.

You can follow all the developments throughout the ISAF 2020 marathon at website. ISAF, where the sector will be discussed and exhibited in detail, will take place in Istanbul Expo Center, on 8-11 October, 2020. See you.