The only alternative event of its industry in Turkey,
The largest industry meeting in Southeast Europe,
The second-largest meeting of the industry in the Middle East and North Africa,
ISAF is going to bring together all segments of the industry for the 25th time 14-17 October, 2021.

ISAF, one of the most globally known events of the industries it covers, is organized with the following content, this year:

  • ISAF Security – 25th International Security Systems, Services and Equipment Exhibition
  • ISAF Fire&Rescue – 25th International Fire, Emergency, Search and Rescue Exhibition
  • ISAF Cyber Security – 10th International Cyber Security, Information and Network Security Exhibition
  • ISAF Smart Life – 10th International Smart Life and Smart Buildings Exhibition
  • ISAF Safety&Health – 10th International Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition

and will bring together important industries that are inseparably linked to each other.

ISAF has developed with significant growth every year since the first time it was organized and consequently it became one of the leading industry events, recognized globally by the industry representatives. Due to this growth, the ISAF is going to be held in larger halls this year as previous halls are not spacious enough.

ISAF will again take place at Istanbul Expo Center, but in 2021 it will be held in bigger halls (Halls 5-6-7). With this change, industry representatives that were unable to book a stand in ISAF previously will now be able to participate in the ISAF.

ISAF could not be organized in 2020 because of the Coronavirus pandemic, however after a one-year break it is anticipated even with a bigger excitement by all the segments of the industries. Not only the exhibitors, but also the visitors intending to make domestic and international purchases as well as to examine the products have expressed their wish for ISAF to take place as soon as possible.

The most important industries in the recent years are within the scope of ISAF
Due to the fast growth of the industries it covers, ISAF is expanding every year in terms of both exhibitor and visitor diversity. Moreover, ISAF shows not only a significant increase in the size of the area but also in the number of exhibitors and visitors every year, to illustrate this, ISAF hosted 18,320 visitors in 2019. Regarding the evaluation of the exhibition, ISAF exhibitors provided high rates of positive feedback on the number and quality of the visitors, and over 95% comprise directly relevant and professional segments, both during and after the exhibition.

In October 2021, ISAF will be held for the 25th time and the primary goal this year is again to maintain and enrich the existing visitor quality. Moreover, we have been working hard to attract more international visitors to attend the fair for years and we make this works deeper and more detailed to have an even bigger variety of international visitors in 2021, as well as to attract visitor segments that have never visited ISAF before.

ISAF has been continuously growing since 1999 when it was first organized. What is more, since 2012 restructuring, it has startedto cover all segments of the industry. As a result of this, ISAF has become the biggest power in the region where all stakeholders of their industries come together.

Being the event that guides these industries, the work done for ISAF is carried out in a wider, more comprehensive way every year, thus all the planning is aimed at increasing the characteristics of ISAF that steer, develop and grow the industries.

We will be happy to see representatives of all industries among us at ISAF, the leading exhibition of these industries, in Istanbul, Turkey, 14-17 October, 2021.