ISAF Exhibition, in consideration of its increasing effect level on an international scale each year, started its activities in 2020 as well as every year much earlier than before the exhibition.

This year, important studies and meetings made for the development of international representatives by putting much more effort in this field. The number of international visitors and exhibitors is expected to be much more intense at ISAF Exhibition in 2020 by virtue of the connections and representative agreements made in the countries that are the producers and developers of the sector in the global sense.

Thanks to the connections established in the developed countries that advanced the trade volume with the purchases they made from our country, serious steps were taken to establish “purchasing committees” to visit the exhibition. ISAF Exhibition 2020, which aims to increase the number of foreign visitors in particular, will continue its activities intensively until the opening date of the exhibition.

Within the increasing number of international exhibitors and visitors, it is aimed to make a significant contribution to the export volume of the including sectors through ISAF Exhibition.