The 22nd ISAF Exhibition is preparing to bring all sections of the sector together.

From international manufacturers to domestic manufacturers, distributors to dealers, practitioners to system integrators, end-user to enthusiasts…  ISAF, which is the only domestic event that brings everyone together from the top to the bottom in the sector, will appeal to a wider audience in 2018.

Prepared with a content that is richer than before, ISAF will host the display of very interesting products in 2018. The most important products of the sector will be exhibited in the fields of Security, Cyber ​​Security, Intelligent Buildings, Fire and Occupational Health and Safety.

Visitors and users will find any product, service and solution from all levels at ISAF, where thousands of brands and ten thousands of different products of over 600 companies at about 250 stands.

While months of efforts devoted to review and compare the price and quality of important products of the sectors, the visitors of ISAF will be able to compare all products they are looking for by sparing 4 days at most.

The most important difference of ISAF in 2018 is that this year, not only the present but also the future products will be exhibited. Especially the professionals working in the sector will be able to review the future of products they are interested in or they use and make their plans accordingly by visiting the ISAF.

We invite all industry professionals, interested individuals, enthusiasts and future representatives of the industry to the ISAF, the exciting giant meeting of the sector.