ZKTECO takes its place among the exhibitors of ISAF

Established in 1985 in China, ZKTeco is a world-leading supplier of enterprise Biometric Verification technology, specialized in Hybrid-Biometric Validation technology with R&D Laboratory in Silicon Valley. With the opening of Turkey Office in 2014, the company started to gain a place in the Turkish market as a manufacturer. ZKTeco is one of the leading companies in the world as a manufacturer of X-ray, turnstile systems, time attendance and access control devices, biometric security systems, camera systems, smart locks as well as license plate recognition systems and under vehicle imaging systems. ZKTeco has an office that operates actively in Turkey.

At ISAF 2018, ZKTeco will display all ZKTeco branded products manufactured at its factory in China. The products that the company is expected to feature at the exhibition mainly include next generation camera systems, smart locks and next generation multi-face recognition PDKS device.

ZKTeco provides services mainly for governments, hotels, airports, prisons and banks. ZKTeco’s products can be used in all institutions that are required to control their visitor and personnel access and maintain building entrance and transportation security and to put simply, all areas that must be secure.