ZKSOFTWARE takes its place among the exhibitors of ISAF

With its 3500 dealers in Turkey, ZKSoftware is the manufacturer and distributor of fingerprint, card pass, palm print and face recognition systems, X-ray devices and door type metal detectors and turnstile systems, electrical lock systems and smart lock systems and all weak current products needed.

At ISAF 2018 Security Exhibition, ZK Software will display Chinese YLI and ZKSoftware products. Product categories to be exhibited will include Door Detectors, X-Ray Baggage Control Systems, Face Recognition, Fingerprint Readers, Access Control Panels, Turnstile Systems, Magnetic Locks, Solenoid Locks, Push-open Locks, Personnel Tracking Software, Hand Detectors, Card Access Systems, Access Control Software, Guard Tour Systems, Hotel Lock Systems, and Camera Systems.

ZKSoftware will particularly feature its Personnel Tracking Software (PDKS) products during the exhibition. Also, the company’s service range includes offices, factories, schools, public areas and construction sites. In short, the company operates to meet the expectations with visible and invisible security measures, hardware solutions and software support without affecting life standards of people.