Being one of the limited number of exhibitions globally known and followed by the industries it includes, ISAF will be carried out for the 20th time at Istanbul Expo Center on 29th September- 2nd October, 2016.

Having been organized for 19 times until today, ISAF has grown considerably every other year since its beginning, and reached the size of 20,000 square meters today. Being the only domestic organization of the industries it covers and the largest event of the geography where Turkey is located, we expect that at its 20th year, the growth rate of ISAF will again be a prestigious figure in the exhibition industry.

In 2012, we restructured ISAF, in which we used the main concept of “Total Security Solutions and Comfort“, to cover the subjects of Security, IT Security and Smart Home. The aim of this restructuring was to prepare our exhibition, exhibitors and visitors for Industry 4.0, which was newly mentioned around the world back then.

“Now, it is a known fact all over the world that we have entered the era of Industry 4.0. When it was known only by the specialists, we began to study on Industry 4.0 and IoT as Marmara Fair Organization. As a result of this study, we restructured ISAF, which was one of the most related exhibitions to ISAF, in accordance with IoT, which was not widely known at that time. In this respect, the slogan “Perspective of the Future” that we added to the logo of ISAF in 2013 is the indicator of the fact that our exhibition was then prepared for today.

The reason lying under the success of the ISAF Exhibition (as the working principle of Marmara Fair Organization) is that it follows all the technologies in the world closely, and makes accurate predictions about the future. ISAF is again being structured in tune with the latest global trends for the year 2016.

Smart Solutions

There are changes in every aspect of our lives thanks to the era of Industry 4.0 and “Internet of Things (IoT)” that is the technology of our day. The parts of this change reflected the most on our modern lives occur in the industries covered by ISAF. Therefore, the content studies carried out for ISAF 2016 have been planned in accordance with these developments.

These plans have been made to ensure in general that a special part will be organized within our exhibition in relation to IoT, Industry 4.0 and IoT will be discussed at the conferences to be held at the same time with our exhibitions, and our exhibitors will display products in accordance with this new era.

With the very fast developments in technology, we are experiencing quite rapid changes in electronic and electrical devices. Each product we use has a significant change before a year passes. Although some of these changes have been very radical, there have been times when they could not excite and stir users and the industry. This general situation has been experienced also in relation to the products displayed at ISAF. However, the changes occurring in products and systems with the era of Industry 4.0 are so important that it can never be thought these will not be able to excite users and stir the industry. Therefore, we expect ISAF, where these changes will be displayed pre-eminently, once again to draw a steep graphic of growth this year.

At ISAF, where we know considerable and obvious changes will take place, this year there will be new companies in addition to our continuous exhibitors which are preparing for our exhibition much more excitedly. Similarly, while our regular visitors will visit our exhibition more excitedly, our exhibition will host many new visitors too.

The ISAF exhibition which is to take place in the Halls 9-10-11 of Istanbul Expo Center between the dates of  29th September- 2nd October, 2016 will be carried out under the titles of;

  • ISAF SECURITY (the 20th International Security Systems, Services and RFID Exhibition)
  • ISAF IT SECURITY (the 5th International Information and Network Security Exhibition)
  • ISAF SMART HOME (the 5th International Smart Buildings and Building Automation Exhibition).

We invite you and your company to join us as an exhibitor in this exciting atmosphere at ISAF, which we expect will be a real technology festival in 2016.