KOD Elektronik Guvenlik Sistemleri, which was established in 2003, is manufacturing electronic security systems with the brand name CODE Security Technologies. KOD Elektronik, which started the designing and production of fire Alarm systems in 2007, has been developed over the years and added addressable fire Alarm systems to its product range. All the sensors, detectors, devices, software, hardware and systems are developed as a result of R & D facilities within the company and the production is carried out with the surface mounting technology in international standards.

With the experience and knowledge, KOD Elektronik is on the way to become a company that develops technology in electronic security and fire Alarm systems. KOD Ltd. create its products using forms that support its functions in device designs. Quality control, user-friendly installation, fast service and guarantee play a great role in the company’s success.

KOD Ltd, which aims to obtain the place it deserves in the sector, is growing every day in the national and international markets with its distinguished partners.

KOD Elektronik, which will be participating at the ISAF Exhibition for the 15th time, will introduce the equipment and software of fire detection and control systems that manufactures, during the exhibition. In addition, as a special study for the ISAF 2020, KOD Elektronik aims to have its products, of which R&D process still continue, ready by the exhibition date in order to promote them during the exhibition. Participating also in the ISAF 2020 Exhibition with its innovative product portfolio ranks at the top of the company plans, like in every exhibition it has participated so far as KOD Elektronik. KOD Elektronik, which puts Europe in particular at the center of its annual plans, will participate much more international exhibition within 2020.

“As KOD Elektronik, we aim to ensure that the leading companies of the sector benefit from our services and to achieve a common working area at home. And our primary goal abroad is to make our country stronger in the foreign market by creating a more widespread area of use for the products that we produce domestically. At this point, we consider the ISAF exhibition significant.” Ferhan Guven, General Manager of KOD Elektronik said, while speaking about his expectations regarding the ISAF 2020. In addition, Ferhan Guven also stated that the ISAF Exhibition is one of the most important exhibition organizations in the world and that it made an important contribution to the participating companies in the domestic and international markets.

We wish KOD Elektronik to have a productive experience during the ISAF Exhibition which will be held in İstanbul Expo Center on 08-11 October, 2020.