KOLAGOM carries out the production of all the liquid fire extinguishing foams that they put on the market in order to reach the KOLAGOM brand to bigger targets, in accordance with the national and world standards, and also in integration with TSE certificates. KOLAGOM brand, is a company that provides liquid fire foam products to organizations in all sectors; such as Synthetic (Inorganic) Foams, Protein (Organic) Foams, Fire Extinguishing and offers special solutions in accordance with classes A, B, C, D, E, F / K as well as offering technical support with all-round communication. They aim to grow by increasing customer-supplier-employee solidarity, trust and satisfaction.

KOLAGOM, which will take place in ISAF for the 8th time this year, regard ISAF as an important opportunity to be opened into the market. The company officials who plan to exhibit the fire extinguishing chemicals at ISAF Exhibition also aims to acquire a new customer portfolio and conduct overseas market research.

We wish KOLAGOM to have an efficient fair in ISAF Exhibition which will be held in İstanbul Expo Center on 8-11 October 2020.