Polimek Elektronik is excited to participate in ISAF, an exciting gathering! – ISAF

Polimek Elektronik is excited to participate in ISAF, an exciting gathering!

Polimek, which started in Izmir in 1995 with the production of guard control systems, has turned its direction towards personnel attendance control and access control systems in line with the demands of its customers and the needs of the market over time. It has specialized in PDKS systems. It is a technology company that offers key solutions to the security, control and automation problems of companies and public institutions of all sizes and sectors from different sectors with contemporary hardware and innovative software. Polimek, which started the production of x-ray bag/package and baggage search devices and upper search detectors with its Smartguard brand in 2017, considering the developing technology and today’s needs; exports its products to many countries, especially the Middle East, including Israel, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, England, Bulgaria, Pakistan, India, Albania and Macedonia, and provides services to the whole world with its solution partners located there. Its aim is to prove the quality of Turkish products to the whole world, to continue its journey that started in 1995 by developing and carrying it forward every day.

Ekin Polat / Polimek Elektronik / Deputy General Manager
ISAF is in a better position with the increase in foreign participation, offering a range of opportunities such as innovation, international partnerships and financial power. However, it is important to consider the dynamics and potential risks of the international market when evaluating these opportunities. ISAF is becoming more visible internationally by increasing its competitive advantage in global markets.

Meeting with our customers and potential buyers is an important opportunity to offer solutions that meet their expectations. These meetings ensure the establishment of mutual trust and form the basis of long-term business relationships. Our aim is to help our customers and potential buyers make their businesses more efficient by offering values that exceed their expectations. ISAF offers us a great opportunity in this regard.

We will exhibit all our control and security systems at ISAF.

We wish Polimek Elektronik a productive exhibition at ISAF, which will be held at the Istanbul Expo Center between October 9-12.