Tansa Güvenlik is at ISAF for a meeting full of opportunities! – ISAF

Tansa Güvenlik is at ISAF for a meeting full of opportunities!

Tansa Güvenlik Sistemleri is a company founded in 1962. It started with watch production and then continued with turnstile systems. It is a leader in its sector in Türkiye and one of the important manufacturers abroad. It exports to 80 countries around the world. Since it could not complete its investment due to economic reasons, it made precision parts, which were imported from Switzerland until that day, for the electric meter, gas industry and measuring instruments industry, especially for M.K.E.K, with the machines it had. TİMER, as the only manufacturer in Türkiye, has manufactured washing machines and dishwashers for factories producing them. With its expert staff that it expanded and trained, it first started manufacturing mechanical guard control clocks and then pendulum bimbam clock machines. During these years, around 130 highly paid employees contributed to the economy with the high tax awards they received from the treasury. By visiting watchmaking museums in Switzerland and examining the machine apparatus that produced watch parts in Switzerland in the past years, it increased the production of watches with the looms it built by combining them with today’s knowledge and experience.

Mehmet Yalçın Sarı / Tansa Güvenlik Sistemleri / General Manager
In addition to offering the opportunity to closely follow and share the latest developments in our industry, ISAF provides a platform for cooperation and joint projects. Meeting participants every year allows them to discover new business opportunities, strengthen business relationships and learn about the latest trends in the industry. It gives the opportunity to promote the products and services of companies in the sector and thus creates an important platform for marketing and branding. ISAF Exhibition is an indispensable meeting point for us as an event that offers many opportunities to move our industry forward and develop innovative solutions.

Our expectations from the ISAF Exhibition are to discover the latest technological developments in the sector, follow innovations and trends, meet potential business partners and strengthen our existing business relationships. In addition, sharing our experiences with other professionals in the sector and contributing to cooperation opportunities are among our important goals.

As the work we will do in ISAF; As every year, our R&D department has new and visionary works that keep up with technology in this regard.

We will introduce solutions for pedestrian crossing systems, sectoral rail systems, plazas, stadiums and airports.

We wish Tansa Güvenlik Sistemleri to have a productive exhibition at ISAF, which will be held at Istanbul Expo Center between 9-12 October.